Take Action

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  • Share #oursisters on social media. Take a screenshot, update your cover photo.
  • Join the movement and talk to your friends about #oursisters.
  • No matter if you live in China, India, Australia, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Kenya, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Cuba or any other country… take action. Do you live in Asia and think that “this does not apply to my country, this is about European refugee law?”. Think again. Chinese companies make a fortune investing in mining in the DRC, they are some of the biggest investors.
  • Paint our cities with #oursisters. Write #oursisters with chalk crayons or other removable paint on the streets. When people are looking out of their windows, let them see #oursisters be written on the streets. (Please do remember to use removable paint like chalk crayons so you will not get arrested for vandalism, unless you are an artist with permission).
  • Fill in the contact form for requests about volunteering or partnerships.
  • Arrange an event.
  • Write letters or emails about #oursisters. Last century, a human right’s movement was built this way, by people bombarding politicians with letters about the terror regime of King Leopold in Congo.

Lastly, only your imagination is the limit. Take action and join the movement, in a way that suits you.