Get involved

First of all, share #oursisters on social media! Do not only share, take a screenshot and update your cover photo, use #oursisters in the comment sections and text your friends about it! If you text three friends … who text three friends…

No matter if you live in China, India, Australia, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Kenya, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Cuba or any other country… share! It does not matter where you are in the world, it does not matter if your home-country is not involved. To put civil pressure on the countries deporting women and to stand in solidarity with women facing sexual violence world-wide, we need you. Imagine the power of people from countries all over the world coming together, unite over this and put international pressure on the matter!

Paint our cities with #oursisters! Write #oursisters with chalk crayons or other removable paint on the streets. When people are looking out of their windows, let them see #oursisters be written on the streets. (Please do remember to use removable paint like chalk crayons so you will not get arrested for vandalism). 

We also look for volunteers. No matter if you have a background in computer science, social media, content creating, photography, law, journalism or anything else you are more than welcome to send us an email. We will find a task for you.

Arrange an event.

Write letters or emails about #oursisters. Last century, a human right’s movement was built this way, by people bombarding politicians with letters about the terror regime of King Leopold in Congo.

Only your imagination is the limit. #oursisters is about sisterhood and standing in solidarity with our sisters against deportations of Congolese women and other victims of sexual violence. To all men of the world: you can get involved too! These women are your sisters too! By getting involved (no matter how small or big action you take) you will write history. It is only together that we can stand up against sexual violence as a weapon of war and show our courts of law and state authorities  that we do not not tolerate the fact that women who have been raped are being deported.